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1. Effortlessly fill in that blank space in your home with this console table, designed to fit all of your needs and more. Crafted with a classic vintage appearance, this table comes complete with two front facing cabinet doors that open to reveal a spacious interior, perfect for stowing away your larger necessities and keeping them out of sight.
2. The 4 matching compact side drawers clutter, offering space to hold smaller items such as keys or mail while the spacious bottom shelf is the place for storage baskets, shoes and more.
3. Crafted with thick Pine and MDF wood slabs and accented with iron handles, this piece is manufactured for quality and exudes a high-end appeal that will leave your guests talking.???
4. With built in shelving ranging from the front double doors to the 4 accent side drawers, users will have plenty of space to store their belongings and avoid letting clutter accumulate on the console table.
5. Aspects of both modern and vintage come together to create this unique piece, featuring farmhouse inspired wood frame detailing on the outer drawers with contrast from the iron handles for heightened appeal
6. Thick slabs of Pine and MDF wood are expertly crafted for a quality build with solid base legs. Features a veneer reinforced upper surface to prevent wear after prolonged usage.
7. Crafted for versatility, this piece can enhance spaces and surrounding decors acting as the piece to bring life into any area of your home that needs it. Suitable for entry hallways, dining rooms, bedrooms and more.
8. Manufactured for easy assembly, a single person can quickly put this console table with the straight forward step by step instructions with tools included. Large cabinet weight capacity: 110 lbs, table surface weight capacity: 220lbs, Accent drawer weight capacity: 33lbs.
9. Table Overall Size 43.3 inchx15.7 inch x34 inch, Shelf Size 41 inchx14.5inchx11.6inch, Clearance to Floor 4.7 inch
10. Table Material: Solid + Manufactured Wood
11. Table Base Material: Solid Wood
12. Weight Capacity: 150 Pounds

Package Weight
One Package Weight 32.20kgs / 70.99lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 33.00kgs / 72.75lb
Carton Size 120cm * 49cm * 58cm / 47.24inch * 19.29inch * 22.83inch
Loading Container 20GP: 78 cartons * 1 pcs = 78 pcs
40HQ: 181 cartons * 1 pcs = 181 pcs

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