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1. Polyester fiber material, not easy to fluff, good air permeability, good hand feeling
2. The cushion on the seat surface is thick and flexible, with moderate softness and excellent comfort
3. With easy to move smooth casters, so it is very convenient when working in different directions
4. The height can be easily changed by adjusting the rod, which can be changed according to the height of the sitting person and the table
5. The back of the seat can correctly support your back and hips
6. Can rotate 360 degrees
7. For men and women
8. Easy to assemble

Product parameters:
1. Product size (width x depth): 45 x 42cm
2. Height: 70.5-79.5cm (not including seat surface thickness: 32-41cm)
3. Weight: 5.9kg
4. Static load weight: about 100kg
5. Internal material: urethane
6. Frame material: steel (chrome-plated surface), PP resin material
7. Caster material: nylon

Package Weight
One Package Weight 6.00kgs / 13.23lb
Qty per Carton 3
Carton Weight 18.80kgs / 41.45lb
Carton Size 55cm * 53cm * 53cm / 21.65inch * 20.87inch * 20.87inch
Loading Container 20GP: 172 cartons * 3 pcs = 516 pcs
40HQ: 400 cartons * 3 pcs = 1200 pcs

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